Design Finalization of Rover

Several design concepts were presented and discussed by the team. The team evaluated each concept based on its feasibility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. This helped the team to narrow down the options and choose the best design for the rover.

Design Details

Once the design concept was finalized, the team discussed the detailed design of the rover. This included discussions on the materials and components that would be used, as well as the specific design elements that would be incorporated. The team also discussed the manufacturing process and the tools and equipment that would be needed.

Testing and Validation

The team also discussed the testing and validation process for the rover. This included discussions on how the rover would be tested, what metrics would be used to validate its performance, and how any issues would be addressed.

Timeline and Budget

Finally, the team discussed the timeline and budget for the project. The team discussed the various stages of the project and the deadlines for each stage. The team also discussed the budget for the project, including the costs for materials, labor, and testing.

In conclusion, the group discussion on 14th November 2022 was a critical step in the design finalization process for the Rover Challenge. The discussion helped the team to finalize the design of the rover, and set the foundation for a successful project. By working together, the team was able to make informed decisions and ensure that the rover would meet all of the requirements for the challenge.


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